PC Equalizer

PC Equalizer 1.3

A complex custom audio equalizer for computers
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View and tweak a wide range of parameters related to the sound input. Load and create presents, set multiple delays, assign parameters to specific programs, etc. Work with various presets and control audio in multiple currently active processes in real time.

PC Equalizer is a graphic user interface for Equalizer APO, a tool intended to customize your computer’s sound output. In this respect, it is great that the interface is both modern and intuitive. You should know, though, that the tool cannot work by its own because Equalizer APO must be previously installed.

The interface offers quick access to the different functions through various tabs, which let you configure the equalizer, process audio, enable multi-delay mode, assign presets and customize preferences. In terms of tuning the equalizer, the program allows using 10 or 20 bands, which you can adjust separately.

Moreover, it is good that it comes with multiple ready-made presets for you to load. Likewise, you can create your own presets and save them for future use. Luckily, presets can also be assigned to specific applications, which means that the program can detect which audio player is active and automatically load the specified preset.

In processing mode, you can take control of various aspects. For instance, you can change and balance channels. There are also some effects available, including inverting, swapping, panning and expanding. As to multi delays, there is also a long list of effects to choose from, such as taps and echoes. Moreover, you can adjust their intensity, preamp level, decay and delay.

All in all, PC Equalizer inherits most of its advantages from Equalizer APO. However, it brings the extra value of making this tool much easier to use, because, otherwise, everything would need to be done from the system console. This way, a wider group of users get the possibility of benefiting from the features provided by Equalizer APO. The product is free but encourages users to make donations to the developer.

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  • Nicely designed and intuitive interface
  • Inherits advantages of Equalizer APO
  • Gives access to multiple functions present in Equalizer APO


  • Can't work on its own
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